All Accepted Commissioners Have Been Contacted!

I’ve finished assessing all commission applicants and have forwarded all emails and DMs to provided social media accounts!

NOTE: If you left a Discord tag in the “other means of contact” part of the form and nothing else, I will only be sending you an email!

Please make sure to check your spam folders as well, in case my email got flagged.

If you’re worried that my acceptance emails or contacts might have gotten lost, feel free to reach out to me to confirm your application! Otherwise, if you haven’t received contact from me, you may assume that I’m not able to take your project at this time.

Thank you for all the support and your interest in working with me! It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me thanks to grad school shenanigans, but I look forward to working with everyone who’s been accepted!

Cheers and til next time!

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