Some Schedule Delays and general life updates

Hello! First of all I want to apologize to and thank my generous commissioners for their patience with me. The last few weeks of March and the early weeks of April have been more or less a bunch of unexpected events one after the other, so I’m writing this entry now to keep you all updated regarding some schedule changes with respect to that.

I’ve been avoiding going into details until I’ve been able to properly emotionally process everything, but now that I’ve had time to properly grieve, I want to full on say that I recently lost my mother in an unexpected death while I was overseas.

Being an only child and with my father also gone, I’m left to handle the entire funeral and estate transfer process on my own with the assistance of an attorney and some extended family. Suffice it to say things have been rough, and I’ve been struggling to find the time to really focus on work.

Good news: I’ve managed to find the energy and willpower to finally get back on the work bandwagon.
Bad news: I need to fly to a different province to bring my mother to her hometown for her interment.

I’ll be bringing work with me with a focus on getting some amount of updates done for commissioners that have already paid, but please expect some general slowness this week as I settle my mother’s funeral. Things should be back to smoother sailing come April 17th.

Furthermore, in light of this and all of my upcoming commitments in a multitude of places (current commission workload, grad school, family, and the entire estate transfer process), I no longer have an estimate for when my next commission opening will be. I’m extremely sorry for this if you were initially looking to commission me in May. At the moment I feel it’d be too irresponsible of me to promise an opening when things are currently in limbo for me.

I’ll still be attending the following conventions with my artist circle, if you’re interested in giving us a visit:

  • Otakuzones – April 29-30, 2023 at Benguet Sports Center Gym, La Trinidad
  • Hobby Exposure Convention – August 12-13 at Baguio Convention and Cultural Centre, Baguio City

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated should schedule changes happen again and when I’m better able to tell when I’m fully able to open commission applications again.

Thank you everyone, and please take care.

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