Frequently Asked Questions

When will you open commission applications again?

Please check my Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter for updates. If all else fails, you can DM me on Twitter.

Do you have a way for clients to see your progress on any commissions without reaching out to you?
You may check my Trello board, though be warned that it’s quite cluttered and may be difficult to follow!

What can I do to increase my chances of having my application accepted?

By filling out the form properly and showing that you’ve got everything prepared! I am much more likely to pick a thoroughly written application than one that has one-liners. That said, this isn’t the iron-clad way of getting accepted; a lot of the process relies on how comfortable I feel working on a project and my overall availability.

How long does an illustration/animation/Vtuber model take to get made?

Please refer to each commission page for estimated turnaround times per project.

What are your tools when working?

I use a display tablet to work, both on art and on Live2d as using a pen helps with my carpal tunnel. I also have a Razer Tartarus V2 for hotkeys and other shortcuts.

I don’t make a lot of money from streaming, can you charge me a personal use price for a Vtuber model?

Due to the immense work that comes with working on Vtuber models I can’t price it any lower. I already sell far below the average cost. If you cannot afford a Vtuber model at my prices, please look elsewhere.

Why do you charge X amount for a commission?

Things are priced appropriately for my needs relative to the amount of work that I put in. I am able to live comfortably with the way things are currently, but in the future I may raise my prices as client needs become more complex and my workflow with it.