Terms of Service

By commissioning me (Akkalime), the client indicates that they have read, understood, and consented to these terms of service.

If the client is caught violating these terms, they will be blacklisted and their name will be mentioned in a public announcement regarding the violation.

I. General Terms

  • All of my commissions are digital. I do not ship anything physical.
  • Under no circumstances do I permit my work to be used in markets that make use of blockchain technology. This includes any form of cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin or Litecoin) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Under no circumstances will I work off of references from real people’s pictures, AI art, or any work which requires me to lift a design from an existing one wholesale.
  • I do not work on weekends (GMT+8), please be guided accordingly and know that I most likely will not respond to messages during these times.
  • Please do not commission me if there is a very tight deadline that is less than 3 weeks. Due to the nature of my schedule, delays may happen sporadically.
  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission due to rude or inappropriate behavior from the client, or any other similar circumstances that I will not tolerate.
  • The client must clearly state the purpose of their commission.

II. Pricing

  • All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).
  • The client must send payment upfront.
  • If the commission is 250USD or more, the client may pay 50% first, then the rest once the project has been completed. I am unable to offer other payment plans at this time.
  • Payments are made via PayPal’s invoicing system. I will send an invoice once the details of the commission have been confirmed.
  • I will never ask to be paid through the friends and family option. Please contact me immediately if someone under my name is asking for money through the friends and family option.
  • Commission prices are subject to change at any time. Ongoing commissions will not be affected by any changes in pricing before its completion.
  • I reserve the right to adjust individual commission prices according to the complexity of the client’s request. “Complexity” here refers to any additional time and work needed in order to meet the client’s vision, and will encompass work such as rendering a complex piece of armor, or rigging an outfit that contains many details. What counts as complex will be discussed beforehand.
  • Due to the laws of taxation in the Philippines, I am required to request for your real name and home country for receipts. I will never disclose any of this information under any circumstance, unless I have reason to believe that you or someone close to you is in danger of physical harm.
  • Likewise, my personal details will also be visible to you. Please do not disclose this information to any one under any circumstance. If I find you are violating this term, I may have to explore legal options to protect my own safety.

III. Refunds

  • No refunds for commissions that have already been completed.
  • The only exception to the no-refund policy is when the client is in need of the money for emergency purposes. The client will need to provide ample proof, such as official documentation of hospitalization.
  • A 5USD cancellation fee will be required if the initial sketch for an illustration or model has been approved, and the client would like to cancel. This will be deducted from the refund.
  • I can only give a partial refund for projects that have made significant progress.
  • Should the client file an unfair chargeback against me, the client will be blacklisted and I will no longer entertain any refunds if they were previously applicable.

IV.A. Personal Project Copyright and Usage Policy

  • A project is considered Personal when the client does not intend to monetize it.
  • Client usage rights with respect to the project include posting on social media with credit intact, hobbyist purposes such as for use in TTRPG campaigns, and printing the piece for personal display.
  • I maintain the rights to the project’s distribution.
  • The client maintains the rights to any characters which rightfully belong to them.
  • Modification of the project beyond image cropping is strictly prohibited.
  • The client must always provide credit for the project wherever applicable.

IV.B. Commercial Project Copyright and Usage Policy

  • A project is considered Commercial when the client intends to monetize it.
  • Client usage rights with respect to the project include and are not limited to use in merchandising, game development, streaming, and general content creation.
  • Projects that require a commercial license must make use of designs or sources that are either of the client’s own intellectual property, or from a property that is public domain. I will not make you illustrations for mass redistribution or a Vtuber model that is literally just an existing character owned by another.
  • The client is allowed to make minor modifications to the project, such as image manipulation or the modification of runtime files, as long as the integrity of the project remains intact. “Integrity” here refers to the project being used in a respectful manner, wherein it will not be used for malignant purposes such as pushing a negative agenda.
  • The client must always provide credit for the project wherever applicable.

V.A. Art Revisions

  • Major revisions include changes which will require large parts of the image to be redrawn.
  • Minor revisions include small adjustments that will not require heavy redrawing.
  • The client is allowed to request for as many revisions as needed during the sketch phase.
  • Minor revisions may be made free of charge.
  • The client is allowed 2 free major revisions after the sketch has been approved. Subsequent major revisions will require a fee of 30% of the project’s initial cost.

V.B. Rig and Animation Revisions

  • Major revisions include changing the overall movement of parts that will require rerigging.
  • Minor revisions include small adjustments that will not require restarting the rig of an object from scratch.
  • It falls on the client to be able to catch any needed revisions throughout every step of the process. Be aware that what could have originally been a minor revision will quickly become a major revision the further into the process the project is at.
  • The client is allowed 2 free major revisions. Subsequent major revisions will require a fee of 30% of the project’s initial cost. This does not include expressions/props added after the fact, as these will follow standard pricing.
  • Minor revisions are free of charge.
  • The above terms do not include corrections. Corrections include texture clipping, weird physics, anatomy issues, things not lining up, or animation errors. Should the client notice that there is actually something wrong with the model that is not a stylistic issue, I will rectify it free of charge.

VI. Projects with a Separate Artist

  • In the event that the project’s art files need to be revised, I am able to take on any minor adjustments needed (layer order, naming issues) free of charge.
  • In the event the art files need to be changed in a significant way, I will forward a list of things needed to be adjusted by the artist. If the artist is not available, I can offer to make the changes for 20USD or higher, depending on the amount of work needed.
  • I will never make any changes to the art files that will visually compromise the original artist’s style. The client must take responsibility for reaching out to the original artist for these changes.
  • If I am not the original artist I will not draw new costumes/assets directly rigged on the model.

VII. Services for Vtuber Clients Post Project Completion

  • I will continue to provide help or support after the rigging process is done. This includes any assistance needed in setting the model up or general troubleshooting.
  • Previous clients with completed Vtuber models will not need to send an application form for any additions needed for the model. This is subject to my availability, and will follow pricing as listed on my pricing pages.
  • The client is expected to plan additions at least a month ahead of time. I will not entertain additions that must be made in less than a month.

VIII. Reselling

  • A client who wishes to resell a Vtuber model must sell it at a price lower than the original cost of the commission, at a maximum of 70% of the original price. This only accounts for work that I have done. In the event the model is drawn by another artist, you are at liberty to split the denomination appropriately.
  • A client who wishes to resell their Vtuber model is required to inform me and direct me to the buyer.
  • The selling of animations and illustrations are strictly prohibited unless the client has bought the commercial rights to the project.

IX. Project Files

  • I will only provide the client with art files such as the .psd file upon request.
  • Files that are needed for use with face tracking programs will always be provided.
  • I do not provide editable Live2d files (.cmo3) under any circumstances.